See what past clients have said.

"Ken [owner of Ware Painting] did about $3K worth of painting for us. He was incredibly thorough, efficient, and professional. Not only did the do a great job of painting, he 'cleaned up', and did a walk-through to see if we noticed any touch-ups we wanted done." – Jerry P.

"I am recommending him. His price was great. He has finished what he said within reasonable time frame. I will order another job with him in the future." – Jake L.

"I'm pretty particular when it comes to projects on my home. I shopped around and considered doing the job myself. After talking with Ken, I knew hiring a professional was the way to go. He took the time to answer all my questions in an honest and helpful way. It was a pleasure to know Ken would do the job right and communicate with me if any issues came up... But they didn't. The house looks great, and I am very pleased with the value, quality, and customer service he provided. I know where to go if I have any painting needs in the future. Thanks again Ken!" – Ed R.

"Thanks to Ken and the Ware Painting Company my house has improved in looks and value. He and his staff took great care preparing and finishing the final product that made my home look great. Thanks Ken for painting my house." –Marcus J.

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